Intradev are an established software development business designing and developing effective solutions for a variety of clients across the UK.

Our friendly, experienced UK based development team work from offices near Hull in Yorkshire, and speak plain English without the technical jargon.

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Internal Business Systems

At Intradev, we pride ourselves on developing internal systems that really help drive efficiencies in business. We don't promote one technology, but would listen to your requirements carefully and recommend the most appropriate solution to meet the needs of the project.

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Client Interaction Tools

Your business may need to interact with its clients via a dedicated web-site or you may provide a bespoke software application as part of your business service offering. Intradev are experienced in developing a wide range of applications from web based solutions to installable applications that satisfy this need.

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Database Applications

Database applications are the cornerstone of many businesses and organisations and Intradev can provide simple applications that are suitable for one particular function or wide ranging database applications that help an organisation manage all of its needs.

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Browser Based Systems

Browser based systems are accessed using a common browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox. The application is normally hosted on either a server internal to the business or externally by a dedicated hosting company. The application essentially consists of a number of functional web pages that will normally connect to a ‘back-end’ database.

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Cloud Software

Business use of ‘Cloud Computing’ is becoming more common place. As well as file sharing and Cloud based email and back-up services, applications such as Office 365 and Xero accounts are becoming more common place. These systems are often deployed using a ‘Software as a Service’ model, where all costs are packaged in a simple payment structure.

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Windows Installed Applications

Many requirements for software systems can only be met by developing installable applications that run directly on a user's PC or a server. Intradev are experienced in developing this type of system and also Windows Service applications that run 'in the background' and perform functions such as workflow management and data integration.

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Microsoft Access Databases

Database applications are the cornerstone of many businesses and organisations and Intradev can provide simple applications that are suitable for one particular functions or wide ranging applications that can help an organisation manage all of its needs. Intradev can also take on and develop existing Access databases or transfer them to a new Web Browser based system.

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Mobile Applications

Mobile apps designed to run on smart phones and other devices are typically consumer focused with leisure activities in mind. Specific apps are increasingly being developed for particular business purposes such as point of delivery apps and those used for other data gathering purposes.

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Intradev Project Methodology

Developing software systems to meet a particular business need can be a daunting prospect. Intradev have designed a project methodology based on many years' experience which also draws from popular documented development techniques. This approach helps our customers to easily achieve the best solution for their business.

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