Intradev are an established software development business designing and developing effective solutions for a variety of clients across the UK.

Our friendly, experienced UK based development team work from offices near Hull in Yorkshire, and speak plain English without the technical jargon.

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Intradev Project Methodology

Easing the process

Developing software systems to meet a particular business need can be a daunting prospect. Intradev have designed a project methodology based on many years' experience which also draws from popular documented development techniques. The Intradev Project Methodology has five distinct phases which are outlined below.

Concept Review

The Concept Review Phase consists of consultancy meetings in which the requirements for the proposed system are discussed at a high level. From this, a Concept Review document and proposal are produced which presents an outline for how the system could function and appear. A cost estimate for the project would also be given in this phase.

Requirements Definition

Following acceptance of the proposal by the client, the Requirements Definition Phase can commence. This is a key part of the process and involves a series of meetings with all concerned people in the business to draw up a full view of the requirements. The Requirements Definition Document, System Specification and User Interface Guide are all drawn up and evaluated by the client before signing off. At this point Project and Quality Assurance plans are also supplied.

Staged Development

The development of a larger project would be broken down into different stages, each of which would deliver a usable, part of the overall system. During the development of a particular stage, various releases would be presented to the client to allow them to evaluate the software and feedback any ideas into the process.

Implementation & Training

Following the Staged Development Phase, a newly developed system requires implementation and training. This stage is often overlooked but consists of writing system manuals, user documentation and other guides along with installing the final release of the system and carrying out user training.

Ongoing Support

Intradev will provide ongoing support for a client’s new system either on-site or via remote links. Any issues would be logged with Intradev’s helpdesk, which would then arrange for a member of Intradev’s technical team to contact the client and resolve any issues they may have.