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Windows Installed Applications

Looking through familiar Windows

For certain applications dedicated Windows software offers performance and flexibility that can’t be beaten. Intradev can develop this kind of software, either as fully functioning systems with sophisticated user interfaces or automated ‘background’ systems that help to run background business processes.

Despite a general move to more portable devices such as tablet computers, Windows based PC’s are still the mainstay of most businesses. Whilst Web Browser based systems offer ease of deployment and updates, there are many applications such as those requiring high performance, large graphical applications or that need to be used in situations where network connectivity cannot be guaranteed, an installed Windows application is the best choice.

In addition to systems that are designed for use by dedicated users with a rich user interface, there is often a requirement for ‘background’ systems that automate key business processes such as the sending and receiving of data files, automated workflow systems and automatic email and SMS notification systems.

Intradev have a wide ranging experience of developing these kind of solutions.

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