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Our friendly, experienced UK based development team work from offices near Hull in Yorkshire, and speak plain English without the technical jargon.

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Internal Business Systems

All businesses are different

Anyone who has worked in more than one company will recognise that each has its own identity, its own history, its own plans and its own way of working.

Intradev believe passionately that for a business system to be effective it has to be designed specifically for the business in question.

Internal Business Systems are software applications that help administer processes within a business. Correctly designed and implemented, these systems will help drive effectiveness and efficiency. Some systems will manage all processes in the business from start to finish whilst others may manage only the processes for a particular department or function.

Intradev have staff experienced in business analysis which involves researching existing practices and processes and recommending improvements. Intradev are also very capable designers and developers of systems to complement and improve these processes.

Examples of processes than can be administered by an appropriate Internal Business System include customer management, sales order processing, quotation generation, production planning, stock control, warranty claim management and many others.

Business Systems can be delivered using a variety of different technologies including Browser Based Systems, Cloud Software, Windows Installed Applications and Microsoft Access Databases.

Intradev would review the requirements for the system and only recommend the most appropriate technology to meet these requirements. Intradev have been developing business systems for many years and our approach to projects is flexible and easy to understand.

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