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Cloud Software

Moving to a new way of working

‘Cloud Computing’ and ‘Software as a Service’ (Saas) are becoming increasingly common place in modern businesses. Intradev can develop software that can be deployed in this way, either for a business that wants to use the software internally, or for a business that wants to sell software as a service to other businesses.

High speed internet, cost effective hosting and advanced web development technologies have given rise to a new paradigm for the deployment and use of software. Rather than having to purchase licensed software that needs to be installed and updated on individual PC’s, software can be ‘rented’, generally at lower costs.

This means businesses can easily expand or contract number of users when needed, the same system can be accessed from different offices anywhere in the world, updates are easily made, businesses don’t need to worry about IT infrastructure other than giving user browser and internet access and costs can be spread over extended periods.

Typical systems that can be run in ‘The Cloud’ have often included email and back-up services, but increasingly business applications such as accounts, CRM and manufacturing solutions are being made available this way.

Intradev can develop specific business applications that can interact with existing Cloud based software, or can develop specific Cloud applications that could be re-sold to other businesses.

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