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Browser Based Systems

Easily deployed, easily updated, easily accessed

Browser based systems are hosted on a server that may be either internal to an organisation or hosted externally for ease of access from different sites. The system is accessed through common web browser software by navigating to a specific, secure location.

When businesses have a large number of users, often across geographically separate sites, deployment of software systems can be problematic. The exact specification of PC’s used is important and updates can be difficult to control from a time perspective.

A web browser based system is installed on a server which may be either part of an organisation’s internal network or may be hosted by an external dedicated, secure provider. Users access the system by simply pointing their usual internet browser at the server, and logging in via a secure username and password. This means that installation of client software is not required and updates are simply made to the single server installation and are immediately accessible by all users.

These systems are also easily accessed by users who are not based in an office location, such as remote/home workers. Out of hours support can also be easily provisioned when systems can be accessed in this way.

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